Holistic Education Project (Maharashtra and Rajasthan States)

Amla Ashok Ruia

At their levels, Amla Ashok Ruia and Vivek Umrao spent a few years on exploring ideas and various level discussions to establish a chain of residential schools with innovative ideas for children of financially weak and very wealthy families in India. The education centre for the harmony between poor and wealthy families children to make a better society. Amla Ruia and Vivek Umrao visited many schools including the most expensive schools in India.

We wanted to establish a chain of self-sustained residential schools based on innovative education systems in all over India. As a pilot project, we tried to build a residential school in Maharashtra at one of the highways connecting Mumbai to other cities.

Amla Ashok Ruia arranged tens of million dollars value around 30 hectares land apart from a few millions of dollars for the construction of this school. But we had to stop this project uncompleted. But ....

Some photos are enclosed here of this project including teacher's training centre and BALWADI. Photos are around ten years old. Please click on photos to enlarge photos. (If you are a Hindi language reader, you could read about SHIKSHA GRAM in Vivek Umrao's book मानसिक सामाजिक आर्थिक स्वराज्य की ओर).

SHIKSHA GRAM (Education Village)

BALWADI (Primary) Education Centre

Amla Ruia converted a garden of her family's palace into the BALWADI

Teacher's Training Centre

A building of the palace was converted into training centre

Amla Ashok Ruia and Vivek Umrao addressing teachers

Practical training sessions for teachers